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1 、The developmen

1 、The development and growth of the baby's baby has certain rules to follow. From the first pregnancy to the third month of pregnancy, many organs of the baby's baby have basically formed, followed by the development of various functions and continued production. It can be said that the first three months of pregnancy are the most critical stages of the entire pregnancy. And each year has its own characteristics, so in different positive pregnancy, the impact on the growth and development of the baby will be different. So, what season is the best pregnancy?


2 、 In what season is the best pregnancy? [28160010]


3 、 Spring and Autumn Festival。


4 、 Generally speaking, the temperature in spring and autumn is very suitable for people in most parts of China. People have more opportunities for outdoor activities and longer sunshine hours. The fresh air is good for the development of the fetal nervous system. However, the spring and autumn seasons are often the seasons in which certain infectious diseases are prone to occur. For example, when the autumn and winter or winter and spring alternate, the temperature difference changes greatly, and the climate is dry, especially in the fall of the north. The incidence of influenza is high. Although the influenza virus can directly threaten the fetus, it is still unclear, but the fever caused by the flu is special. It occurs during early pregnancy and increases the incidence of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, and deformed children. Therefore, in the spring and autumn, pregnancy should pay attention to prevent colds, less densely populated shopping malls, theaters, and attention to isolation from cold patients to reduce the chance of illness.


5 、 In winter, due to the cold weather, people try to reduce outdoor activities as much as possible, and spend most of their time in a house with heating or stove. If the doors and windows are closed and not ventilated in time, plus the carbon monoxide gas emitted from the stove, the indoor air will be dirty, which will not only make the pregnant woman feel uncomfortable, but also have the growth and development of the fetus, especially the central nervous system. Bad effects. Therefore, pregnant women should prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the winter, and also do some suitable activities outdoors when the afternoon weather is warm, and breathe some fresh air to facilitate the development of the fetus.


6 、 In the summer, food is rich for nutrition, but because of the hot weather, sweating is more, so people often eat a lot of cold drinks, fruits and vegetables, even chicken, duck and fish are willing to eat cold. If these foods are not cleaned or have been spoiled, the incidence of gastrointestinal infectious diseases is often increased, mild diarrhea, vomiting, severe hyperthermia, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, requiring antibiotics and other drugs, all of which Will have an adverse effect on the fetus. Therefore, in the summer pregnancy, pay attention to food hygiene, especially the fruits and vegetables should be washed, do not eat into the deteriorated food. [318998 10] From the above we can know that pregnancy in different seasons has its advantages and has its shortcomings. After weighing the pros and cons, we can find that the best time for pregnancy should be around August, probably in the two months from late July to early September. Because after 3 months, it is just late autumn, the climate is more comfortable and cool, and the appetite of pregnant women is better, which is very conducive to the growth and development of the baby.

在夏天,食物营养丰富,但由于天气炎热,出汗多,所以人们经常吃很多冷饮,水果和蔬菜,甚至鸡,鸭和鱼都愿意吃冷饮。如果这些食物没有清洗或被损坏,胃肠道传染病的发病率往往会增加,轻度腹泻,呕吐,严重的体温过高,脱水和电解质紊乱,需要抗生素和其他药物,所有这些都会对胎儿。因此,在夏季怀孕期间,要注意饮食卫生,特别是水果和蔬菜应该洗净,不要吃进食品恶化的食物。[318998 10]从上面我们可以知道,不同季节的怀孕有其优点并有其缺点。权衡利弊后,我们可以发现怀孕的最佳时间应该是8月左右,可能是从7月下旬到9月上旬的两个月。因为3个月后,它刚好是深秋,气候更舒适凉爽,孕妇的食欲更好,这非常有利于宝宝的生长发育。


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